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That culmination of digital information is an online reputation. It’s the combination of the things that someone says about themselves online, through things like websites and social media channels, and the things that other people say about the same person. Online reputation management, or ORM, is the process of taking control of the online conversation, through strategic marketing, SEO auditing, and social media strategies.

When a professional, respected individual “Google’s” themselves, there’s a good chance that they’ll see a handful of information appearing on the front page of the search results. Depending on how carefully that person has managed their online presence, there may be a selection of social media profiles, news reports, press releases, and website articles to browse through.

Online reputation management is about using specific techniques and strategies to make sure that people see the right things when they look for you on the internet. When done well, online reputation management helps to create balance, counteract misleading trends, and ensures that people can put their best foot forward. After all, in a world where everyone appears to be digitally connected, how you look online can have a direct impact on your career.

When someone wants to decide whether they should hire a person, work with someone new, or even invest in someone else’s future, the first thing they’ll do is go online and use the information they find there to make a judgment call about what that individual is like. Every day, more than a billion searches happen Google, and people are constantly looking for new ways to decide whether they should trust people based on their online presence.

Perhaps the biggest issue with online reputation management is the fact that anyone can say what they like about another person online without any repercussions what-so-ever. If someone doesn’t like another person, then they’re free to bad-mouth that individual on an open forum or public social media space. The only thing that can protect an individual against this negative press, is a strong personal brand, and a disaster management strategy.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is not just limited to managing content in search engines; instead, it also involves managing negative brand reviews and influencing your happy customers to write positive feedback or reviews.

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Every internet reputation management campaign begins with a thorough research phase. First, we identify the subject’s (that’s you or your company) top search phrases. These might include variations on names, key titles or services, and other phrases that searchers readily associate with you.

Part of the ORM process involves deciding whether something can be removed from either the website it lives upon or from search engines like Google. If it makes sense, we look at legal solutions such as DMCA take-down requests and other legal methods. If we do employ legal reputation solutions, we will often do it simultaneously with suppression or protection campaigns. Other removal tactics may include YouTube video removal, NoIndex removal, removing search results from Google, and other techniques.

With the results of our gap analysis in hand, we draw up a list of controllable web properties to develop with content that portrays you in a positive light and draws organic traffic, shares, and those all-important inbound links.

The internet reputation development plan plays a big part in us knowing how to sculpt the ‘perfect’ search results page that people and search engines both appreciate.

Once the research phase has been completed we design a strategy to accomplish your goals. For example, there are different strategies for various situations and outcomes. Some examples include:

Every strategy designed by Reputation X is different.

Content creation is one of the most time-consuming pieces of the online reputation management services process. But you can’t neglect it, as it’s the foundation of every successful campaign. Content can be on web properties you control, or that other people control. Your content campaign includes these steps:

Once we understand the challenges and opportunities associated with your online brand, we brainstorm content ideas designed to appeal to the kinds of people who may consume your content. At this point, we’ve reduced these people to a representation called a "persona" that enables us to visualize and empathize with that archetypical person.

We layout basic content outlines and subjects for your approval and feedback. Often we’ll request new ideas and feedback on the ones we’ve already come up with.

We match each piece of approved content with an appropriate publishing target, set up a content calendar, and revisit existing positive results to determine how and if they can be improved (retargeting). We also outline a coherent social posting and linking plan to build upon the content campaign. Content types may include:

As part of the reputation management process, we often identify and build websites, business listings, social media profiles, existing blogs, and other owned properties that you control and influence. We build those you need, but don’t have in place yet. These may include:

With these in place, we set up a network of owned domains to enable us to distribute content that will later be developed to each of your web properties.

What’s the use of a comprehensive content and publishing plan if no one sees its fruits? Along with great content, promotion is key to the internet reputation management process. To streamline promotion, we separate your content and properties into three distinct groups:

Reach out to the reader base on properties you own and control. Because we can control these properties to a high degree, we work to get as many owned properties into search and social results as possible.

We use social media and solicit comments, feedback, shares, and links to created content—whether by asking directly or by creating engaging content that naturally draws these forms of promotion. During some campaigns, we interface with third-party PR agencies to perform public outreach.

Done right, paid promotion can have a high ROI. Powerful forms include guest posts on relevant, high-authority websites and blogs, paid discovery using tools, sponsored content on high-authority media websites and paid search campaigns.

Retargeting is simply watching results to see what has worked, then changing the way the content marketing and SEO program is focused so inertia continues and search results improve. SEO reputation management includes researching appropriate link partners, SEO outreach, link development, on-page and off-page technical optimization, and more.

It’s very easy for someone to judge you and your company by what they find on Google. In fact, about 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. By simply searching for you on the internet, they can come up with different feelings about your company and what you offer, good or bad.

A negative online presence, or having no presence at all, can severely impact the success of your company (or you as an individual). Whether you’re closing a business deal, developing a business partnership, or talking to reporters, your online reputation counts.

Reputation management should form an important part of any business. After all, it would allow them to perceive the way clients see them or think about the business. It can be stated that reputation management is important for businesses that obtain and manage their online reviews. In another sense, reputation management is important for everyone who is in the public eye.

Customer-oriented business with an online presence should bother about what customers say about their business. Whoever might be the target audience of the business, reputation management forms an important part. The reputation can help a business to acquire new customers.

Every day, people review businesses from 1 to 5 ratings, comments, blogs, or social media posts. Hence, whatever person says about a business becomes valuable for a business as well as for potential clients. After all, bad ratings and reviews can break a business. Similarly, a potential customer might avoid the current business and head to competitor business.

Here are common reasons why every online business should maintain online reputation management:

Most people prefer buying from brands that they can trust. In most cases, a negative word spoken about your business may spread faster than a positive one. This is why a negative comment needs to be addressed on time before it can lead to more future problems. Therefore, brand owners need online reputation management software to track their company’s mentions and feedback. An online reputation strategy can fix a reputation issue before it gets out of hand.

An effective online reputation management strategy can build the perfect brand image after a piece of negative information has been shared about it. Monitoring responses made about your business or brand can contribute to a positive brand image.

Many people might not be aware of the fact that proper management of the reputation can help a business to get improved sales. Improved sales can greatly improve the brand image of the business.

It doesn’t matter whatever type of business, one might be running, reputation management is very important. By giving great attention to the reputation management, it can help a business to drastically improve its SEO ranks. At the same time, it can help a business to gain the trust of consumers.

Companies and businesses with a good online reputation will be trusted more than those that have mixed or negative reputations. This is because people usually depend on the opinions of others so if many negative reviews are present people are most likely to be turned away. This also means that if others show trust then more people are likely to follow suit. A good way to build trust within a business community is to ensure that all negative reviews are dealt with correctly and all questions and queries should be answered. Customers like to gain feedback and like to feel as though they are important enough to be answered to by the company themselves.

Visibility on the internet is critical through a well-designed and content-rich website or company blogs. These online avenues are taken into social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. All these platforms are excellent marketing channels. For all these you need a domain and web hosting, that you can from here.

However, they need proper management to handle daily user activities. JH-SEO's Online reputation management services is the best solution that can help manage these regular user activities.

Most customers have to search online before deciding to buy a product or service. Before a potential client decides to purchase from a specific brand, they first read online reviews to see how people valued its product. A business or product with the most positive reviews attracts most prospective customers, while most people skip past products or services with many negative reviews.

This is why every online business should make an effort to have a positive online review as possible. It also allows business owners to keep track of every negative or positive review.

If a positive review or news about a specific brand or product would go viral, it attracts a lot of attention. Having a positive recommendation online or having many people talking about your product naturally increases your business’s web traffic.

A structured and well-organized ORM has the competency to grab more and more business for your company. When people are looking for same business that you are doing and see your business name on top list then they will trust more than your competitors will. More customers lead higher profitability for your business.

Google is the best platform for a business to be seen as it favours positive content and displays business’ with the best reputation on the first page of their local area. This is important as most people don’t even look past the first page so if negative content has pushed a business’ website all the way to the next page they are less likely to make sales. It is also proven that customers judge brands and businesses based on what Google’s search results say about them. Getting onto the first page of Google or any other search engine for that matter is of utmost importance for any business hoping to gain trust and loyalty from their customers. A business’ online reputation management strategy should highlight the strengths and be presented well to be appealing on the first page of Google or other search engines. Businesses that take advantage of Google’s algorithm will be rewarded with higher customer traffic, better employee recruitment, better reviews and feedback and will also be seen as a leader in their field.

Reputation is significantly linked to Directly impacting sales and revenue. Companies with low customer feedback and negative comments tend to lose their reputation online. No company wants to risk having a low reputation online because of the potential damage it can incur on a business. That’s why online reputation management services are required. This helps any business struggling with a low reputation make the necessary adjustments, whether on their services or products, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Online reputation management is vital for any business. It users to track everyday user responses towards their business to make the necessary changes. The business’s site doesn’t matter; small or large enterprises need a positive reputation to stay afloat.

Companies with effective reputation management strategies can expect to reap the benefits of their efforts. These benefits include higher trust, better talent, less risk, and more profit. For more information on how you can improve your reputation management strategy, contact us today.

Whether a negative listing makes its way into the top rankings of a search engine via a dissatisfied customer, malicious competitor, disgruntled employee, or any other method, JH-SEO has a proven track record of cleaning it up.

JH-SEO tailors their ORM service to your unique situation and uses advanced techniques. The benefits of a highly-effective ORM campaign are unsurpassed in the online marketing world. On the reverse side of the equation, however, businesses can't afford to overlook an ORM campaign in their online efforts when their reputation is on the line. There is too much at stake.

online reputation management

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