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JH-SEO offers optimum solutions to all your needs related to SEO, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Custom Website Designing and Redesigning services.

You may have your own email marketing consulting business or maybe you are an SEO specialist looking for a high quality vendor to help your clients conduct their email marketing. Or you may work with an ad agency with hundreds of customers that need email marketing services. We work with resellers of all types and help you either design your very own front-end to our email marketing system (whitelabel it as your own) or work with you so you can manage your clients directly on our site.

Our goal is to give you the very best email marketing, text messaging, and data management service in the industry, at rates far less than any worthy competitors. Our professionalism will also give you the peace of mind - knowing that we will take good care of you and your clients so everyone has a great experience. We support you on every facet of our service so you can help your clients get their mailings out, reports in, and data flowing.

As a client of ours you can open an infinite number of customer accounts, whenever you want, and tie those accounts to your primary company account. That means you have instant single sign on access to every account without having to log into each one as you go. You provide the end-to-end services to your customers and we will send you one itemized invoice at the end of each month showing the total messages sent on a per-account basis. We will not invoice your clients so everything comes directly from your company.

The real beauty is the price. We give all of our reseller customers a low (all inclusive) flat per-message rate and that includes dedicated servers. If your accounts have large lists and send a lot of mail each month then we will give you the lowest per-message rate you will find anywhere.

Let's say you have 50 clients, each wanting to send email for their own company. You would create and set-up 50 accounts through a special user interface and those accounts would be tied back to your company. This gives you the flexibility to monitor what each account sends with the click of a mouse. You can add and edit users on a per-account basis and we would send you a single invoice at the end of each month showing how many messages each account sent. The minimum is only $200.00 per month and that covers all the accounts you manage. We then charge a small per-message rate for the total number of messages sent per month for all accounts combined. That's it! We make the process very simple and you have the flexibility to charge your customers whatever rates you choose.

JH-SEO will send each and every email manually so that we can see the email status.

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We want our client to grow and get satisfied, we strongly believes that your growth is our growth.

We have kept PAY PER MONTH or EMI module for payment so you do not worry for the payments, just concentrate on the business.

Talk with our expert team to get complete understanding of the services.

Resellers you can also call and have a business tie up.

Want to know more? Email us on now and we would be happy to assist you!

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JH-SEO is a Marketing & communication consulting company that provides global delivery for Digital, Public Relations, Content, Analytics & Technology. Leveraging our worldwide exposure & proprietary thinking framework, we ensure to answer real-world challenges of the brand by creating data driven, creative & measurable solutions with superior multi-channel experiences.


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