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Gone are the days when people believed that making propaganda about oneself would not fetch takers. In today's world when everyone is in a competitive mode, it is best to tell people about oneself and highlight the positives. One of the most popular methods of doing it is by writing articles about your own company, products and services that you sell and publish that quality written articles on the internet. What we do is…

Article marketing is a form of marketing in which articles are strategically placed on the Internet for the purpose of promoting a specific website. The concept is to generate interest in your website, establish credibility as an expert in your niche and create back-links to your website that will improve your site's search engine ranking. The advantage of article marketing is that it is relatively simple to do and does not cost any money.

Article marketing is a branch of content marketing. It is a type of advertising in which companies write and distribute short articles to a range of outlets such as article banks, forums, and newsletter publishers. Its main purpose is to gain a huge number of online audiences and boost the number of sales opportunities for products or services on websites. Another main purpose of this kind of marketing is to build backlinks. This type of marketing strategy can help marketers acquire new visitors and increase sales on their websites. Article marketing is also one of the least costly ways to market a company.

In this age when internet marketing services are being used by one and all to get the required client base and viewership, businesses are hiring the article marketing company services that provide content distribution services on reasonable prices.

By sharing knowledge to other people, you are establishing a reputation as an expert in a particular field – maybe even several. The more information and knowledge you provide, the more credibility you build. As a consequence, you become someone who can be trusted by your followers/readers, which will eventually be good for business.

Speaking of shared knowledge, your articles that get published may be able to help other people learn more, find answers to questions, or solve their problems. Regardless of what kind of business you have, your write-ups contain knowledge that netizens are searching for.

The rule of thumb in promotions and advertising is that it usually takes 3-7 instances of exposure before your brand gets recognized. This means that when someone notices something that’s related to your company, say, a logo, online ad, or article, these become part of their subconscious. Now article marketing lets you reach out multiple times to your readers.

As was mentioned, having a lot of articles out on the Web will let you reach many customers and prospects several times. What you may not realize, however, is how wide this reach is. You see, article directories often make your work available to websites and blogs the world over for reprint. And if your work is high-quality, imagine how many people will create positive associations with your company.

Although nobody really wants to read sales pitches, you can subtly promote what your business has to offer through your write-ups. This can be done by including ‘suggestions’ in your work, and perhaps some links that will lead to your website should your input catches the readers’ attention somehow. Of course, make sure your content is of value so they’ll read in the first place.

Aside from subtle suggestions, you can still directly promote your business through your article. This is since each of your articles will have bio/author boxes where you can include links to your company site. By simply including a short ‘teaser’ at the conclusion portion of your post, you might entice click-throughs from your readers, which can lead to possible click-to-sales conversions.

Whether your business is fresh out of the oven or has been around for several years now, article marketing will help you gain new patrons. In fact, it’s almost a guarantee that you do so. You see, when consumers go online for research, they might end up finding your article and getting impressed by it – so they click your site like and voila! You now have a new customer.

This is made possible by the link-building that occurs when your article gets published. And the most your work gets reprinted or republished because of its quality, the most links that lead to your website. Search engines will perceive this as reliability and will give your site better rankings. This leads to better market visibility.

Article marketing is a win win opportunity. You win by increasing your exposure with a free marketing tool and your customers win because they benefit from your knowledge.

When you submit articles highlighting your caliber and skills, it helps you in a lot of ways to strengthen your portfolio. These articles provide valuable knowledge about the company or the products, builds the brand name and creates credibility, directs part of the internet traffic towards your website, brings new customers to visit your site by reading these articles, and enhances the SEO services. The best part however is its cost effectiveness. So this mode of advertising is easy on the pocket. The agencies that engage in these services provide SEO article marketing in India and to several companies in different parts of the world. choose JH-SEO for Best SEO Article Marketing Services.

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